I am very happy to have joined Light as Service Manager.  I am a mum of two and have worked for charities for many years, I am extremely passionate about the work that Light does.  I am responsible for managing the day to day running of the charity and working hard with the Light team to make sure the support we offer reaches all those who need it.


I have joined the team at Light as a Volunteer Coordinator, I will be developing group services and working in partnership with other charities to improve services in Sheffield.  I am a mum of 3 children and understand that although motherhood is rewarding it can also bring many challenges.  I work with Ellie to manage and support our volunteer team.


I am one of the Volunteer Coordinators for Light. I work alongside Gill to support and supervise our volunteers in various roles. I hope to use my experience of being a mum and being a volunteer to help develop our group provision, offering a range of services and expanding our support to lots of families. I understand just how important peer support can be as I have my own experience of perinatal mental illness, and attending a local group helped me to recover.



I retired from the NHS in 2015, where I was a health professional, working specifically with women suffering mental health problems who were pregnant and/or had just had a baby. I set up the Sheffield Perinatal Mental Health Service in 2001 and worked in the role of Clinical Service Manager to ensure that women in the Sheffield area who were suffering from mental illness around childbirth were supported. I myself suffered from postnatal depression following the births of each of my four children, all of whom are now grown up and I have three grandchildren so far!  I have been committed to supporting Light from its inception. It is my ambition to improve the services and resources available to women who are suffering from mental health problems around childbirth and I am very happy to be working with Light who also shares this vision.


I am a single mother, a full time Nursing Student in Mental Health, a part time worker and a dog owner! My journey with Light began in 2011 whilst studying Psychology and Sociology at University. I had hoped through becoming a volunteer, this would help develop and enhance my education within mental health disciplines, but more importantly having had friends and family who had suffered from pre and post-natal depression I wanted to offer my support and involvement to their service users. It is through all the experiences I have had whilst working within Light that I am currently furthering my studies and becoming a Mental Health nurse.

Over the past 5 years I have been both committed and witness to the dedication, time and support that everyone involved has placed in to organizing support groups and coffee mornings and 24/7 email and telephone care to keep the Charity running and I am proud to be part of this and honored to be a trustee and member of the board. I look forward to the future of Light.


I am a working mother of 3 children. I have over 25 years experience working in the public sector and volunteered with the NHS at the Perinatal Mental Health Centre, which is where I met Jan Cubison. I have a degree in psychology and was working towards a clinical psychology doctorate. The pressures of work and running a family home meant that I never completed my piece of research that I started! I did however become very interested in mental illness around childbirth and realised that there was a need to support those women in Sheffield who were not severely ill enough or lucky enough to gain access to the NHS perinatal services. I enjoy being active in my community and served on other voluntary management committees at children’s After School Club and our local secondary school Parent Teacher Association.



I am a part-time primary school teacher and I have a little boy. Going through pre and post natal anxiety myself I felt I would be able to support Light to grow and develop in order for the charity to reach as many people as possible. I started volunteering for Light at one of the weekly support groups, and I am now one of the trustees which means I can support Light in a different way. I absolutely love being a part of something so special working with the team at Light Sheffield.