Support for Families

At Light we know that being a parent is not always easy – we all sometimes need support and a hand to hold along the way.

Light group support & 1:1 sessions offer a safe and friendly place for you to come and feel supported by our trained volunteers and to meet other mums.

This support is available to anyone who is finding being pregnant or being a new parent difficult, emotionally and mentally. Support and further information is also available for partners and families.

Support Groups and One to One Sessions

Day Time Location & contact details Type of activity
Monday 1.00-3.00pm Chancet Wood Children’s Centre
Chancet Wood Dr, Sheffield, S8 7TR
Peer Support Group


1.00-2.30pm Early Days Children’s Centre Palgrave Road, Parson Cross, Sheffield, S5 8GS Peer Support Group
Weds 10.00am-12noon Primrose Children’s Centre Creswick Street, Netherthorpe, Sheffield, S6 2TN Peer Support Group
Friday 12.30pm – 2pm Shortbrook Children’s Centre Westfield, S20 8FB Peer Support Group
Monday to Friday By appointment Light Sheffield
Knowle House, 4 Norfolk Park Road, Sheffield, S2 3QE • 0114 438 8962
[email protected]
Book 1:1 appointments with our trained volunteers & staff in a safe and friendly environment

We understand that coming to a group, especially for the first time, can be difficult for many people. Our small, informal groups are facilitated by trained staff & volunteers who are always there to offer peer support, as well as plenty of tea, biscuits and tissues.

If you’re worried about attending a group, we can offer 1:1 support via phone, text or email first and one of our volunteers can meet you beforehand so you can attend the group together.

For further information or any questions about our support groups please contact us on 0114 438 8962 or email [email protected].

Young female legs walking towards the sunset on a dirt roadFace to Face Support

Light can offer face to face support from trained peer volunteers and staff. We can meet you 1:1 at our drop in facility, chat to you over the phone or meet you for a coffee. Contact us if you would like more information on 0114 438 8962 or email [email protected].

We are always developing our services – please look out for new groups or support near you.

For peer support you can also try reading others mums’ blogs such as Mrsshortiesmind or Becoming a mother – just knowing that you aren’t the only one really helps.

For more on the benefits of peer support for women with post natal depression, please see the Research section of the Light web site.

Telephone and email

Our volunteers and staff can provide text, telephone and email support to mums. We can offer advice, or just a listening ear. Please contact us if you feel like you need to talk to someone.

Counselling Service

Light is offering a new free Counselling Service to mums already engaged with Light support.
Kate is a 4th year ABC Therapeutic Counselling Student offering free counselling sessions as part of her final year of study.  Sessions are 50 minutes long, take place on Mondays and Wednesdays and are held at the Light offices, Knowle House, 4 Norfolk Park Road, Sheffield, S2 3QE.

For more information please contact Light on 0114 438 8962 or [email protected]